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There’s a great variety of differences in people. We’re all very similar, but we all react somewhat differently to various environmental influences. We are raised in different cultures, carry variations of genes and then compound the complexity of our diversity with our varying epigenetics. In this section we hope to answer questions that arise from these differences. Wouldn’t it be a cinch if there was a basic 1,2,3 step by step guide to achieve a quality “health span” free of illness and full of love and laughter? That’s easy to answer. Of course it would be, but we’re not living in Eden and we’re not all-knowing. We’re made up of these bony, muscular, and fatty (some more than others) vessels and personalities. Here we can examine a variety of tips and tricks that can help generally inform or specifically answer questions about your ketogenic journey. Going “low-carb” can be difficult when most cultures are built around the almighty cheap to produce simple carbohydrates. Not only is it easy to produce, but it’s easy to break up and store, but your body. Information here can be a bit of a daily or weekly boost to your keto confidence and a bit of a guidance system. You know at the bowling alley when children heaving their bowling balls down the bowling lane? There are bumper rails that are raised to help guide the child or inexperienced person’s aim. This section┬áhopes to be part of the guidance system for your journey, or maybe inform you prior to accepting the truth that sugar is basically demonic semen cast onto the surface to be consumed in loads. Loads and loads are consumed by every man, and woman.