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sous vide pasteurization time bacteria

As time progresses bacteria decrease. At high temperatures this decrease is rapid, but you risk food not cooking completely or risk an uneven cook. At much lower temperatures bacterial degradation will continue at a slower pace, but your food will cook perfectly all the way through.

When it comes to cooking, prep, and monitoring your cook time and temperature it’s like babysitting an 8 month old spider monkey who has an affinity for your double shot espresso. What I’m saying is, using a cooker such as this is a “set it and forget it” routine. No more overcooking or under cooking. What’s nice is you can premake and vacuum seal meals for future use. Sous vide is straight up science for your food. It can but does not have to connect to your phone. It can alert you as to when the food is cooked but you don’t have to rush to the stove, there’s no danger fire or overcooking or constantly checking to see if it’s cooked ALL the way through. Sous vide works on a system of heat conduction at temps that are much lower, but still very scientifically effective at cooking and killing bacteria. To understand this you’d have to look at a bacterial decay chart shows bacterial quantity over time as a function of temperature. Each food item has a different time in which pasteurization is achieved. The beauty is for most foods you can blast past the time it takes for food to be cooked, because an extra 30 minutes at those minimal temperatures won’t really affect the food a whole lot. Now at 165 degrees or 400 degrees even just 5 extra minutes can ruin a particular food item. Also, when you cook at very low temperatures oxidation is less of an issue. For instance, when you’re cooking wings out on the old “barbie so’cute” with flames and charcoal there’s the likely hood you’ll char some food. Consuming that food isn’t recommended as it can be carcinogenic and studies are there to indicate that. Charred food is no beuno, though it kind of tastes good in small quantities. There’s a factor of crunch in food that is quite appealing. So, with the soud vide technique you can acquire that effect by quickly searing your food post cook or I’ve even see pre-sear.

chefsteps-sous-vide-cooking-chartMy absolute favorite thing to cook is just about a dozen perfectly soft boiled eggs. They are so creamy and each one is perfectly cooked. When I was consuming bread it was so tasty atop a toasted slice of buttered bread, but bread isn’t what made this tasty it was the perfect cook. I work in soft boiled eggs into a lot of different meals and this tool really helps. Now with soft boiled eggs it’s so delicate that you really do need to set a timer and let the water preheat in order to nail it perfect.