So you’ve had your gallbladder removed and you’re wondering if the Keto diet is safe for you? The short answer is yes in many cases but with a caveat that some people may find the diet is not a good fit..The main reason is that the gallbladder is the bodies main gallbladder-removedway of dealing with large amounts of fat in a single meal. It’s job is to store bile salts from the liver and concentrate them to roughly 10x their potency. This ensures that when a large quantity of fat is ingested the gallbladder can release this stored bile to help fully digest a high fat meal.

All hope is not lost however for those without a gallbladder. The liver is still the source of bile for your digestion so it will provide some at mealtime. The problem is the bile will not be in near the same quantity or concentration as it would be with a gallbladder. Instead of a lot of concentrated bile being released at once, the liver will more or less drip bile into the digestive system throughout the day, with a little more being produced during a fatty meal but not enough for higher fat amounts.

So what is the answer? We recommend taking a bile supplement (such as Ox bile) to help alleviate this issue along with other digestive enzymes at mealtime (most digestive enzyme supplements provide sufficient amounts).. This should be sufficient for most people without a gallbladder to still practice the Keto diet, or at least cycle on and off. However we do recommend judging for yourself on what is right for you and how you feel. Give it a try and start slow (lower percentage of fat per meal) and work your way into it over several weeks to let your liver and body adjust. did a great and detailed video on this subject breaking down the different aspects. You can see that below as well as details on her awesome Keto program (below video)..