jalepeno-creamed-keto-recipe_bannerEating keto can be as complicated as you want, which is the same with all foods. Though, with keto and other beneficial lifestyles there’s always an understanding of what we cannot use as ingredients. This to some may seem limiting, but switch your train of thought and think “liberating” instead of “limitating”. Okay, so I made up that word, but it worked better that way. So, don’t limitate it, liberate it. By working with fewer and essentially far fresher and more macro and micronutrient dense foods you can create a better relationship with the essence of food instead of living in a state of overabundance with a gluttonous unappreciative palette that lacks the ability to discriminate between various flavors and their subtleties. Let’s skip the packaged putrification or more commonly referred to as putrefaction of our our mega food corporations and harness the biodiversity that gave rise to our own bodies. Let’s eat our mother, mother nature. She won’t mind.

I’m a fan of meals that take hours, carefully planned out, garnished, and arranged in artistic collages. Actually I’m not. My thought with keto is to understand why you’re putting things into your body and don’t cloud it with too many unrelated reasons. At it’s core it’s to support the cells in their quest to live out their set of instructions. This meal is a no nonsense high fiber, high nutritional, super low carb, low protein, and fairly high fat relative to protein and carbs that requires little to no time or thought that you’ll love. Your gut biome will be clamoring for this dish, and the fat will leave your little gut guys happy and satiated so they can relay to the brain that all is well in the Digestive Dojo. There’s no measuring and there’s no real rule of thumb. We’re not under the tutelage of Chef Ramsay. You take the ingredients, you cook and you eat. Eat to live don’t live to eat. That same motto can be used in regards to physical activities. Don’t workout and exercise to eat, eat to be adventurous and physical the world. The mindset that you need to do  just 5 hours of stair stepping to burn off that doughnut is a depressing one. The body just doesn’t work in such a simplistic fashion and putting yourself in jail over 1 or 2 doughnuts isn’t going to help. Treat yourself if you must to the finest most decadent things, but earn them first and understand the reasons behind the intake.

In this video I use:

  • @10 Jalapeños
  • 1 Package of Cream Cheese
  • @ 1/2 stick of Butter (Grass Fed rBst Free) Grass fed butter can be very important. The relationship between omega 3’s and 6’s is an interesting one. Regular corn fed seems to have a ratio that is unbalanced and can contribute to inflammation. Cows are ruminants. It makes sense their bodies would create better butter under optimal dietary conditions. Ghee butter is clarified butter and is an option though it can be a little costlier than your standard butter, but read up on it to see if it’s for you.
  • Peppers (any color or type is fine)
  • Mushrooms
  • Angel Hair cabbage (I love this because it’s pre-cut and washed. I’d love to spend all day cutting fresh cabbage… wait no I wouldn’t)
  • Broccoli Cauliflower (I adore these cut and washed packages. Just as I’ve said before minimizing food prep through various tricks can keep making your own food quick and easy and repeatable even on the most tiring stressful days where take-out or a big corporation and their breaded chicken wings sounds like a more enticing option. If you keep it easy you can keep it keto. If you complicate things with extravagance you won’t be able to repeat that on a rough day where it’s one thing after the next. Absolutely go  that extra mile and make a fancy meal if you’re so inclined, but whatever you do stick to the idea that you deserve to give and maintain health and wellness. If you have people looking up to you then your gift doubles, triples, etc.
  • A pile of minced garlic (this helps your gut bacteria tremendously aids in overall digestion. Cooking the garlic definitely tones down the intensity of it’s flavor so don’t be shy.)
  • Mrs Dash a concoction of spices that help add flavor
  • Cheddar Cheese
  • True Raw sauerkraut – This is added to your plate/bowl just as an extra boost of fiber and probiotics (You must use raw sauerkraut which is always in the refrigerated section of your grocery store and should contain little to no carbohydrates. Other varieties will contain sugar and those should be avoided.)
  • Optionally you can add nearly anything such as soft cooking a couple eggs, or start your dish with bacon then add your veggies allowing the veggies to absorb the bacon fat. Just make sure your bacon is of the best quality within your financial means of course. Some of these foods such as salmon, crab, grass fed beef can really add up. Just remember protein isn’t the critical aspect. Most diets have enough protein and too much protein can convert over into glucose via gluconeogenesis thus disrupting your body from accessing energy from the ketones derived from your endogenous and exogenous fat streams. Too much protein has the potential not only to kick you out of ketosis, but protein consumed at high levels on a regular basis can be deleterious to the body. Deriving good fats from good sources is the biggest key. The minimal carbs and protein just almost automatically come with the territory when you’re eating clean. Sure you could get and stay ketotic on 5 burger patties drizzled with butter every day but do you really think your body will thank you for it?

FYI – Use some type of barrier when handling those Jalapeños such as latex gloves or vinyl gloves. The compound found in Jalapeños is capsaicin. Capsaicin can brutalize any sensitive tissues such as mucosal surfaces, eyes, and others you can imagine that I won’t mention. It’s basically a defensive mechanism plants create to deter it’s consumption from certain animals and fungi. Capsaicin is 1 of 6 different capsaicinoids. Capsaicin is also used in topical analgesic creams due to it’s ability to trigger a pain relieving response likely due to initiating an endorphin release. However, if you’re being hosed down by capsaicin the same active ingredient pepper spray you’d be wise to believe you’re on the wrong side of the law, getting a little too touchy feely with the ladies, or you’re actually a bear and getting too touchy feely with people.