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ketogenic meal

This meal is brought to by Fitzee, and I suggest very highly you bring a spice rack to this sit down meal. Without the punch of any flavor you’d think the food was 3d printed from some martian substance devoid of any molecular triggering mechanism the tongue or olfactory nerves would understand. Maybe it’s on another level spicy and full of martian flavors only E.T. could detect with his finger. I’m giving this meal one E.T. index finger down due to the flavor factor that was non-existent. I looked all around just in case i missed something for a package shaped like a catsup package with the words “flavor” written on the side, but i knew that was a futile attempt ……. and those packages don’t exist. This would lead me to believe the spices required to pump this dish up were too costly. The texture was decent, however fries no matter what variety don’t do terribly well being nuked especially spending many many hours and days sitting next to a moust heap of shrooms, meat and onions. However lacking in flavor this was it easily took care of my caloric craving. Along with this I did however indulge in a soft boiled egg cooked in some butter some brocolli florets dipped into some Veganaisse. ,