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Nova Max Blood Ketone Quick Test Demo

This is a pretty decent meter with some pitfalls. There’s been some people indicating some strips are duds. Being that the strips are more expensive than the meter this is definitely a problem. There is however the chance that this was more user error than strip... read more

Precision Xtra Blood Glucose Quick Test Demo

The Precision Xtra can test ketones or glucose in the blood by directly accessing the capillary bed system in the fingers, usually. This is a quick demonstration taking any mystery out getting an insight to your insides. If this precision piques your interest you can... read more

Keto and Paleo Food Pyramids Compared

How does the Keto food pyramid compare to the Paleo pyramid? As you are probably already aware of, the Keto diet and Paleo diets share quite a few similarities in their philosophy and fundamentals. Of course they have their differences but many of the different food... read more